knitters toys

Not to be confused with a broken umbrella frame or ‘smalls’ line dryer, this contraption is the amazing Umbrella Swift.

Umbrella Swift

With the aid of pursed lips, Karen maneuvers the Swift into position.

umbrella swift

Clamping the Swift to the counter-top took about 3o seconds.

swift loaded

Loaded with 2 ply Touch yarn and ready to go. Karen recommended dispensing with using the wool winder as knotting can occur when dealing with such fine yarn.

lindsay learns

Karen shows Lindsay the ropes….so to speak.

Lindsay learns


As the hank is wound into a ball the Umbrella Swift turns around like a clothes line. The process took about an hour, the second hank was quicker.

This is how we used to do it – did I mention tangles?.

girl skeining

Young children may be bribed to help mother…..


Luke’s rapt he’s finally got his vest. He asked me to change the pattern to  4×2 rib instead of sticking to the prescribed stocking stitch – this gave the desired finish of a very snug fit.  Patons book 1252.


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