lace knitting

We welcomed Lindsay to iKnit this week – she’s a lace knitter. We oohed and ah-ed over her finished object, an exquisite circular shawl and her WIP, a cream baby’s shawl. Beautiful.

Lindsay's finished shawl

My pic unfortunately diminishes the glorious colour nuances of the Touch yarn used – proudly grown in NZ.

Lindsay's shawl, centre

The finished project was washed and spread to shape before blocking.

Lindsay's shawl close up

The exquisite 2 ply yarn is so soft, this is delicate and patient work. Lindsay explained when she first got into knitting lace she borrowed a book from the library and had it on loan for 6 months. When it was finally returned Lindsay bought herself a copy. I’ll post the book details next week, it has some gorgeous patterns in it. Very enticing. I’ll keep that idea in mind….

Lyndsay knits lace

Lindsay’s WIP – circular baby’s shawl, knit in-the-round.

Raewyn's wip top

This will be a light and lacey top – Raewyn’s sparkly WIP.

Karen's wip

Karen’s short sleeve top is turning out to be a perfect fit. Knit from the top down, in-the-round, with the front edge-to edge and moss stitch bands.

karen's fo sock

One sock down, 1 to go – Karen is having a break from socks and working on her other projects. The rest of us were continuing with our current projects, some will be ready to show-off next week.


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