niddy noddy…umbrella swift…wool winder…..what?

This week we enjoyed interesting conversation (and education) about Niddy Noddy, Umbrella Swift and Wool Winders. Karen, our resident knitter of pre-loved yarn gave us the low down about reknits. That’s yarn she obtains from pre-loved handknits, picked up for a song from Op Shops.  This seems a great way to pick up wool at a bargain price and recycle as well. Karen described the process using a Niddy Noddy etc. to convert wool into balls and skeins. First though, she has to unpick the seams and unravel the garments, so there’s quite a lot of work involved.

knitting group

Raewyn and Diana were the newbies tonight.

Karens wip

Karen’s work in progress, for herself. She also had with her another WIP and a just completed cardigan – both for her daughter, and a sleeveless hoodie made for her man.

Diana & Brenda

Diana and Brenda – the concentration is palpable.

holding pin

Wendy, well into the second baby singlet for her friend expecting twins next month.

Singlet for a twin

This is a gorgeous Patons pattern and the 4 ply yarn soooo soft….for one precious twin, what a lovely gift.

dog jersey

Diana is using up her yarn scraps by making dog jerseys for our local SPCA.

Raewyn's wip

Raewyn is near the end of this cardigan for herself.       I’m making the vest up tonight – looking good, and Brenda worked on her baby jacket.

row record

Talking and knitting as you do, we ended up sharing how we record row/pattern/stitch counts and other pattern details. Diana has used the same notebook for years and it’s nothing less than a historical account of all garments she’s made, quite remarkable. Others make jottings on paper scraps, use needle row counters or pencil directly onto the pattern.


One thought on “niddy noddy…umbrella swift…wool winder…..what?

  1. It was really nice to meet you all last week, and I’m really sad at not being able to join you this week. But I’ll be back soon, hopefully with a finished project to show off (even if it doesn’t fit!) 🙂 Raewyn

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