…an opportunity to share ideas & techniques with knitter friends


One of the great things about knitters getting together is an opportunity to share your ideas and techniques.  This week Wendy began making up her first baby singlet and we were able to share a few tips on seam joining.

charcoal vest

The needles have been busy for everyone this week. I finished the back of Luke’s vest and started the front. There’s no back neck or shoulder shaping with this pattern – I’m not that keen on a non shaped edge, might change it, will decide when I come to make it up.  I’m on the home stretch now and I’m aiming to finish it next weekend, well that’s the plan anyway.

baby jacket 8 ply

Brenda completed the second side of her baby jacket tonight and decided to go with the striped sleeves and keep the cuffs green.

Wendy knits

Wendy now has 2 projects on the go. A sleeveless jacket for herself, and tonight she finished the neckband on the first of 2 baby singlets –  a gift for a friend expecting twins.


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