The Art of Fair Isle Knitting………

“We are having heavy rain and gales just now. Dark and miserable, but I suppose since it is winter, we can’t complain. I have been knitting two jumpers.”

Ann Feitelson's book……so begins chapter 1 in Ann Feitelson’s  book – The Art of Fair Isle Knitting: History, Technique, Colour & Patterns. These words also aptly describe the weather conditions here in Wellington today, except I am knitting a vest for Luke and I complain about the weather. Today we have endured hail, sleet and gale force southerlies making it a perfect day to cosy up by the heater and knit the day away.

I have only browsed through Ann’s book since its arrival in the post but it looks like a worthwhile purchase. The chapters about Math & Planning and Original Patterns have caught my eye and I think I’ll read those first. Love her colour blends.

I’m still keen to make a fair isle yoke cardigan after completing the vest, hopefully in 4 ply.


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