iKnit’s first sock knitter!

It’s so cool to finally complete a project – gives such a sense of achievement. Wendy and I showed off our finished garments tonight and we’re feeling pretty chuffed with our efforts. Awesome, after 4 years in the making, Wendy now has a gorgeous cosy jacket to wear and the timing’s perfect – winter has set in here with a vengeance!


Wendy’s jacket – and apologies for the quality of the pic –  sadly, from several shots this is the only one not over exposed. There were 2 + balls left over from which Kirsty has benefited and she will be adding them to her Throw project.


My baby jacket – 3 ply Shepherd and Utiku merino baby knitting yarns. Cute as a button!

Naturally pattern "A magic garden story"

The pattern stipulated size 2.5mm needles and as I didn’t have any I used 2.75mm instead. So I guess the jacket is slightly larger than the 6-9 month size knitted. As Ania recently turned 4 months old I am looking forward to her wearing the jacket next summer.

Karen's sock

Karen joined us for the first time tonight and she’s our first sock knitter. This is the second sock of a pair of sneaker socks for her 5 year old daughter. Karen also has another pair of socks on the go and a sleeveless hoodie. She admits to being a bit of free ranger when it comes to following patterns, knits with either new or reknit yarn, and usually has a few projects on the go at any one time.

Karen's other socks

Knitting socks is cool – they’re a fiddly subject if using 2 pointer needles – Karen’s preference is circular needles.

kirstyKirsty finishing another strip for her Throw.


Wendy’s new work in progress – a sleeveless vest in merino/possum/alpaca double knit yarn in a lightly textured pattern by Naturally.



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