Pattern hunting on the net opens up a whole other world

I’m on the search for fair isle yoke cardigan or jersey patterns. You know, the rather twee 60’s look – probably called retro now. I love them, always have and I want to make one. I’m sure there are many knitters with an old suitcase or box filled with patterns tucked away, with just the pattern I’m looking for. But I’ve had to resort to the internet in my search and I’m very glad to see  pattern collections are being disposed on-line instead of trashed. I’ve had fun trawling the net and my ‘finds’ are making their way to me through the post  as I write  –  more about them later!

Luke's wool

Went to my Local Yarn Shop last weekend with Luke to purchase his choice of yarn for the vest.  I’m motivated more than ever now to get the baby jacket finished.

back & fronts

Working back and fronts in one piece gives a smooth finish – with one sleeve down and the second on the needles, I hope to finish over the next few days.


At iKnit last night we were all working on our Works In Progress. Wendy was up to the bands on her cardigan and will bring the finished article to show off next week .


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